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As I wander hither and thither on the INTERNET sea, I come accross occassionally videos I want to share with others. Just a few are linked from this page.

My thanks to Mike & Liz for directing to this video mapping revival in one sleepy Missisippi town.

Robbie Williams
- More Precious than Gold Video

Working with UNICEF Robbie Williams presents this short video highlighting the problems of organised Child Traffiking for sex.
Watch this video, think and pray how you can become involved in wiping out this horrific trade.
Visit the web sites for CHASTE and UNICEF to find out more.

I cannot display this video here, but please do watch it in
Windows Media Player
Men of Iron Breakfast
A sureal advert for a Church's Mens Breakfast!
Tractor Dancing
Country Dancing - with a HUGE difference
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Having captured his Bounty, Dog has a heart to heart chat before booking them in at the local jail.
Tombstones and Banana Trees
added Wed 27th April 2011

To be published July 2011, I have just finished reading an advance copy of Tombstones and Banana Trees, a story of revolutionary forgiveness.
ISBN 9780781405027 Published by David Cook

"My story changed beyond all recognition. Everything that was made ugly by pain and anger was turned to beauty by one simple, revolutionary thing - forgiveness." Medad Birungi

LifeHouse Everything, performed by Cluster 2 of St Barnabas Church, Cambridge.
I think this is one of the best 'non-orriginal' versions I have seen to date.
added - Jan 10 2010
added - Thu 22nd Oct 2010
Re enacting a tragic story from Burundi, this short film highlights the urgency of the gospe to be ready to meet our Maker....

"The Gospel is the greatest news in the world. But it only becomes Good News once we have dealt with the bad news and maybe we can only realize how good the good news is in light of how bad the bad news is. The concept of hell is so desperately bleak that we must be willing to be broken by it.
Lord, forgive us for looking at the world with dry eyes."

1st Jan 2010
Does this challenge you?

added -Sept 26th 2009
added -Sept 8th 2009

added -Aug 21 2009
My thanks to Ma H. for bringing this video to my attention. How many of us have the same note in our past, and the same straying from that path?
Introducing a friend of mine, added - May 6 2009
for more of his work go visit his SoundClick page.

I have more videos which might amuse, or make you think, stashed away on my Video page
Snail Tails - My friend Amy's award wining Ventriloquism act

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